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New Good Natured Selects Sweet Potato

Herr Foods nominated for most innovative new product awards at 2013 Sweets & Snacks Expo


Good Natured Selects New Baked Sweet Potato Crisps

Thanks to today’s healthy lifestyles, families are eating better, exercising more and make better snack choices. A new snack choice, Good Natured Selects Sweet Potato Crisps, is rich in flavor and sweet by nature!  Grown-in sweetness meets baked-in goodness!

All natural Good Natured Selects, are better for you, with the lowest fat claim of only 2.5g per 1 oz. serving.  Good Natured Selects Sweet Potato Crisps have no artificial colors or ingredients, 0g of trans fat, no preservatives added and are gluten free. Good Natured Selects Sweet Potato Crisps are a healthy snack that you can depend on!  Available now in the following sizes: 7.5 oz, 2.125 oz, and 0.875 oz.


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